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Title Description Date
Punctuation Marks in Arabic Language A book entitled «Punctuation Marks in Arabic Language» , written by Ahmad Zaki Basha in 1912, at the beginnings of commercial-printing movement in the Arab world. Available in Arabic only. 2018-12-18
RichStyle Web Page Demo A demo web page for RichStyle library. 2018-10-04
Ideas for HTML and CSS Proposals and recommendations to W3C in terms of HTML and CSS. 2017-01-07
Check Boxes and Radio Buttons in HTML6 A proposal for representing check boxes and radio buttons in HTML6. 2015-05-12
Icon Standardization for Web Applications Proposals and recommendations to Unicode organization and W3C for representing icons in web environment. 2014-05-23
RichStyle Software Process An academic paper proposes a software process based on databases rather documents. 2013-05-29
HTML5 Quick Reference A quick reference for HTML5 specifications published as a PDF. 2012-08-25
Gnumeric and HTML A set of proposals and recommendations for Gnumeric to guarantee more compatibility with HTML. 2011-07-02