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The Distribution Closest to Perfection

… And that’s why there are only four suggestions to improve it, while GNOME will be another independent issue in another independent post.

  1. An ability to boot to command line by:
    • Either pressing Esc during the boot progress (recommended)
    • Or adding an option to access command line from the boot menu
    • Or both.

    With a screen like this:

    Slax intro screen
    Slax intro screen

    Just like Slax distribution.

  2. This means that mc (Midnight Commander) should be available.
  3. And there should by a way to import/export user profiles, to/from a GZip file, including:
    • Documents
    • Email Data
    • Favorite/Bookmarks
    • htdocs (Apache files)
    • Desktop
    • Application Configurations
    • Templates
    • RSS/Atom Feeds
    • Web history
    • Cookies
    • Recent Documents (links)
    These should be stored together in a one folder.
  4. The last suggestion is to use GPerfection themes. Take a look:
    GPerfection theme
    GPerfection theme
    GPerfection theme
    GPerfection theme
    GPerfection icons
    GPerfection icons