RichStyle: The Angel is in The Detail.

Gnumeric and HTML

When I was working on the last version of RichStyle project, a sub-project emerged. It was the HTML5/CSS3 Quick References. The main challenge at that time was choosing the right spreadsheet application that helps me generate the best PDF file out of it. At the same time, my loyal to CSS has led me to another challenge; I had to use Prince XML along with RichStyle library to generate the desired PDF file.

Back to the spreadsheet application issue, I decided to use Gnumeric rather than OpenOffice Calc. It’s my absolute commitment to GNOME.

So, the whole process had to pass through three conversion processes, and four file formats!

A DFD diagram represent the conversation processes between Gnumeric and PDF
Gnumeric to PDF

In order to simplify this process, Gnumeric should show more commitment to HTML standards as much as possible.

Once user wants to export to HTML, Gnumeric should consider the following:

With the following options:

Finally, regardless HTML, I wish I could see the following features in Gnumeric: