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Posts tagged: UI

Title Description Date
Ideas for HTML and CSS Proposals and recommendations to W3C in terms of HTML and CSS. 2017-01-07
Check Boxes and Radio Buttons in HTML6 A proposal for representing check boxes and radio buttons in HTML6. 2015-05-12
elementayOS Freya Beta1 Review Evaluating the usability of this distribution starting from the definition of the concepts of Internal Consistency and External Consistency as described in «Algorithmic Usability Measurement» article. 2014-12-04
GNU/Linux Fundamentals ② Software Manager vs. Package Manager A comparison between Software Manager and Package Manager on LinuxMint. Available in Arabic only. 2013-12-08
Algorithmic Software Usability Measurement An introduction to usability, and an attempt to establish an algorithm to measure it in a non-statistical method. 2012-08-10
An Elementary Review for elementaryOS Evaluating the usability of elementaryOS GNU/Linux distribution. 2011-07-19
The Logic Behind My Prototype for Totem Explaining the logic behind my prototype for Totem 2009-03-07
Notepad2: A Silver Pearl in An Old Shell A detailed review for Notepad2, a free and rich alternative to MS Notepad. 2009-03-07
GNOME Review under Ubuntu 8.04.1 LTS A quick review to the main GNOME desktop applications under Ubuntu 8.04.1 LTS. 2008-10-20
Giga Thanks to Slax! A quick review to Slax GNU/Linux distribution. 2008-06-22